Animal Sciences

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Publisher : Waveland Press

ISBN-13 : 1478608218

Page : 510 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 218 voters

This textbook is intended as a comprehensive introduction to the biology, care, and production of domestic animals and freshwater sh raised to provide food, as well as pets kept for companionship and recreation. The authors teaching and research experiences in agriculture, animal and dairy sciences, and veterinary medicine provide the professional expertise that underpins the clearly written discussions of advances in animal sciences affecting humans globally. Coverage includes breeds and life cycles of livestock and poultry; nutritional contributions of animal products to humans; the principles of animal genetics, anatomy, and physiology including reproduction, lactation and growth; animal disease and public health; and insects and their biological control. Each chapter stands on its own. Instructors can assign higher priority to certain chapters and arrange topics for study in keeping with their preferred course outlines. The text has been classroom-tested for four decades in more than 100 colleges and universities at home and abroad. Additionally, it is pedagogically enhanced with glossary terms in boldface type, study questions at the end of each chapter, more than 350 illustrations, and historical and philosophical quotations. These useful features aid students in comprehending scientic concepts as well as enjoying the pleasures derived from learning more about food-producing animals, horses, and popular pets.

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