Poker on the Internet

Poker on the Internet Book Details:

Publisher : D & B Pub

ISBN-13 : 9781904468202

Page : 212 pages

Rating : 4.5/5 from 202 voters

In recent years Internet Poker has been gone from an industry very much in its infancy, enjoyed by a few hundred regular 'play money' players, to a multi-million pound business, in which thousands of players around the world take part in real money games every day. With more than a dozen major sites in fierce competition for the online poker market, and new cardrooms being launched every few months, poker players nowadays face a huge (and potentially bewildering) range of choices. Whether you are a newcomer to online poker or already play regularly, this book provides you with the information you need to survive in the Internet poker jungle. It addresses the following questions: * How do I choose an online poker room at which to play? * How does online cardroom play differ from 'live' cardroom play? * Is there a risk of being cheated or colluded against? * How can I use the Internet to improve my play?

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