Utopian Universities

A Global History of the New Campuses of the 1960s Miles Taylor, Jill Pellew ... 'After Empire: The “London Model” Transformed since the Second World War', in Universities for a New World: Making a Global Network in International Higher ...

Icons of Dissent

The Global Resonance of Che, Marley, Tupac and Bin Laden Jeremy Prestholdt ... in Christopher J. Lee, ed., Making a World After Empire: The Bandung Moment and Its Political Afterlives (Athens, OH: Ohio University Press, 2010), 1–44.

Review of culture

Making a World After Empire : The Bandung Moment and Its Political Afterlives . Athens , OH : Ohio University Press . Lee Jae - Hyung ( 2002 ) . " China's Expanding Maritime Ambitions in the Western Pacific and the Indian Ocean ' .

The World Since 1500

This chapter is concerned, first, with the roots of Iberian expansionism; second, with the process of empire building in the East and in the New World; and finally, with the causes and results ...

The Times History of the World

making the world one, the European powers stirred up forces which spelled their own eclipse. ... Europe's exhaustion after 1945 benefitted the Soviet Union and the USA, the two superpowers on the eastern and western flanks, ...


course", they say, "we could spend our whole lives making money as our fathers did, but to what end? The purpose of life is living. Let us sit back and enjoy what we've inherited. . . ." The generation after that — the grandsons — tries ...

The Roman's World

But in the making of an empire, as we have seen, the characteristic Roman methods—accepting defeated foes as allies, ... while the whole work of making and holding was crowned, after many failures and much oppression under the Republic ...

The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern World

The final dissolution and dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire began with the onset of World War I. In 1914 , the Young Turk government ... Scholars , Saints , and Sufis : Muslim Religious Institutions in the Middle East since 1500.

The Building of an Empire

In this book, Haile M. Larebo examines the formation, development and workings of Italian colonialism and the forces that shaped it. Ethiopia under Italian rule was to have solved a number of Italy's social and economic problems.