Empowered Autism Parenting

How parents can appreciate their autistic children prevent them from being pathologized, over-medicated, and marginalized In this groundbreaking book, William Stillman, an expert and passionate advocate on behalf of those with autism, ...

Power to the Aspies

This book is loaded with compassion and practical help. Barbara Booth, M.S., LBSW Dallas, Texas Becca Kline has unlocked the capabilities of her eldest son, and has helped many other parents to do so.

A Parent's Guide to Autism

Autism Tomorrow: The Complete Guide to Help Your Child Thrive in the Real World. ... Asperger's on the Job: Must-Have Advice for People With Asperger's or High Functioning Autism, and Their Employers, ... Empowered Autism Parenting.

Parenting Autism

Like everything you do is in vain? This book is here to show you the proper way of handling your child with ADS, to make it easier for you. With this book in your hands, you will learn a lot of things about individuals with ADS.

Parenting Mentally Ill Children

Empowered Autism Parenting: Celebrating (and Defending) Your Child's Place in the World. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. Early-Onset Bipolar Disorder Evans, Dwight L., & Linda Wasmer Andrews. (2005). If Your Adolescent Has Depression or Bipolar ...

The Autism Prophecies

William Stillman has been dubbed “The Autism Whisperer,” by talk-show host Frankie Picasso, for his innate ability to ... His other books include Empowered Autism Parenting, The Autism Answer Book, The Everything Parent's Guide to ...

Autism and Tomorrow

Homeschool.com Autism and Tomorrow reminds us that we are not alone in this journey. ... —William Stillman, self-advocate and award-winning author of Autism and the God Connection and Empowered Autism Parenting; www.WilliamStillman.com.

No Vaccines for Me!

Kathleen received honors of distinction from William Stillman in his book Empowered Autism Parenting: Celebrating (and Defending) Your Child's Place in the World "for her tireless advocacy against abusive treatment on behalf of her son ...

Handbook of Parenting

Volume I: Children and Parenting, Third Edition Marc H. Bornstein. Bartak, 1975). ... Her book empowered parents to question psychodynamic interpretations of autism and to form advocacy networks. Between early 1990 and 2006, ...

Applied Behaviour Analysis and Autism

Whatever the extent of the changes produced with their children, parents are empowered with basic scientific skills. To conclude this section, there is one outstanding issue that needs to be addressed. I touched on it earlier when I ...

Worlds of Autism

Although the new biological understanding of autism has empowered some parents and increased their status vis-à-vis professionals, it is important to consider whether it has actually improved families' day-to-day circumstances.